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Rent tank containers from TWS for liquid products in the chemical and food industries.

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TWS tank container

Tank containers for chemical products as well as spill troughs. Just what you need for each purpose.

ISO tank containers

ISO tank containers

international approval

ISO tank containers from TWS are internationally approved. Choose among tank containers from 21 to 26 cbm.

The tank containers are fitted with steam heating systems and insulation.

Choose between types with and without baffles.

Swap bodies

Swap bodies

international approval

Flexible volumes and fittings from 29.5 to 35 cbm.

Swap bodies allow transport of larger volumes than using ISO tank containers. They are available with or without baffles.




Reefer tank containers are operated at temperatures from minus 20°C up to plus 60°C. An all-round cooling/heating system guarantees optimal energy transfer.

CIP (cleaning-in-place) is available.

UN T22 tank containers

UN T22 tank containers

Volume 22.5 cbm

To be well prepared for the future, all tank containers built by European and Asian manufacturers have UN T22- approval.

These also carry ASME U-Stamp (DOT51).

„Top only“ / „Top Bottom“

„Top only“ / „Top Bottom“

Volumes from 24.5 to 35 cbm

We offer special units with a volume of 14.5 to 35 cbm. They are available as “top only” or “top bottom” units, with and without baffles, and comply with the latest technical standards and international approvals (also up to T22, incl. ASME U-Stamp).

Composite tank containers

Composite tank containers

The environmentally friendly lightweight

This type of tank made of composite, a composite material with special material properties, offers many advantages: Up to 30 per cent lower in weight, up to 40 percent better thermal properties and a very smooth interior surface for easy cleaning.

High cube tank container

High cube tank container

Volume 25 cbm with an incline

The drum of this tank container is inserted obliquely into the frame, whereby the tank cylinder reaches an angle of inclination of approx. 4 per cent. This inclination to the floor outlet offers an optimum discharge of the loaded product. The tank is ideally suited for storing viscous liquids and not only empties the tank completely but also much faster thanks to simple physics.

Tank container with lining

Tank container with lining

Added protection for your products

Various high-quality linings especially for high-purity or corrosive products.

Super-insulated tank containers

Super-insulated tank containers

Volumes from 14.5 to 35 cbm

With an insulation of 100 mm or more, as well as additionally frost insulated manlids, these tank containers offer perfect conditions for temperature-sensitive products.

Can be operated in particular in tough weather conditions.

Temperature monitoring by GPS possible.




Constant temperatures during transport and storage, especially for sensitive products of the foodstuff industry, through units for cooling down and through good insulation. Built-in CIP (cleaning-in-place).

Swap bodies only for foodstuffs

Swap bodies only for foodstuffs

Volume 31 cbm

This special tank container for food products offers the ideal volume for spot traffic.

Excellent insulation using 100 mm PU foam, pre-fitted for GE heating, low tare weight.

Agitator tank container

Agitator tank container

Capacity 24 cbm

Permanently installed GPS-controlled agitators with a range of features, all-round heating and good insulation enable products to be stored trouble-free in addition to during transport.

Mobile spill troughs

Mobile spill troughs

Protection while storing and decanting products

Our mobile spill troughs with volumes of 14.5 to 35 cbm provide protection when storing and decanting products, and offer clear cost benefits compared with permanently installed safety facilities.

Certified according to DiBT and German water management legislation (WHG).

Mobile heating system

Mobile heating system

Flexible use

Simultaneous heating of four tank containers makes the mobile heating system a particularly economical factor for depots and industrial plants. The tank containers are gently heated with a glycol-water solution via steam heating.

Tank container features

Icon Linings


ChemLine, Säkaphen, PROCO-EMAIL schwarz, ASPLIT LC as well as various rubber linings. Special required features can be considered when new equipment is manufactured.

Icon Valve systems

Valve systems

Depending on your requirements, TWS can supply the necessary valve systems: e.g. ball valves, dry couplings, lined valves, milk threads.

Icon Cleaning-in-Place


CIP (cleaning-in-place) is available. The built-in spray balls allow local inside cleaning, thus reducing costs.

Icon Seals


TWS’s tank containers are generally fitted with Tanktyte (PTFE) seals.

If you require other types of seals, we certainly will install these.

Icon Heating systems

Heating systems

Glycol hot water heating system for temperatures up to 95°C, thermal oil up to 210°C, wired electrical heating up to 210°C.

Icon Hinged ladders

Hinged ladders

The hinged ladder allows safe and easy access to the top of the container.

Icon Baffles


Baffles prevent swashing of the liquid. The approval allows for filling levels even below 80%.

Baffles are available for ISO tank containers and swap bodies.

Icon Collapsible handrails

Collapsible handrails

All TWS tank containers have collapsible safety handrails which can be operated from below.

Icon Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

TWS also supplies a powerful GPS system which defies the toughest weather conditions.

Easy to use via the internet.

Our Service

Experience for Rent - Individual planning to fulfil every customer demand and every product requirement

A team of experienced staff attends to customers’ wishes professionally and speedily. Expert solutions guarantee the prompt, global availability of every type of tank container.

Rent innovation – TWS offers a solution for every challenge with new tank containers featuring the latest technology and design.

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The focus lies on customer orientation, cost-efficient operations, and protecting human beings and the environment. Full service at constantly high quality standards.

  • Prompt availability of tank container rental
  • Central coordination and monitoring of the equipment
  • Global network of depots, workshops and cleaning facilities
  • Individual local customer support

Our Service

Detailed consultation and support based on know-how and experience. Arranging worldwide empty container transportation.

Representatives worldwide

Competent support and personal assistance through local contacts and representatives.

Purpose-built equipment

Planning and construction of special-purpose equipment according to customer and product requirements.


Modern, high-quality equipment fulfilling top safety standards, years of technical experience and profound market knowledge.

Fast and reliable

Prompt availability of tank containers. Short and direct decision-making processes. Fast and professional operations.


Comprehensive insurance cover available, with no deductible for renter. All damage to the outside of the tank insured for the duration of the rental contract.

Our highly specialised fleet is available worldwide.

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