Super insulated tank container – resists cold and heat!

Our new super insulated tank containers with an insulation of minimum 100 mm and additionally insulated dome covers provide safety for temperature-sensitive goods.

The extended heating area of 12m² helps to heats the tank faster to the required temperature.

The boxshape insulation of 100 mm on average (depending on the size of the tank container) saves cold and heat even longer.

All tank containers are equipped with a collapsible handrail and walkways.

The tanks are also equipped with a Wireless Temperature Sensor. It shows the temperature in the tank and can be connected to every smartphone via Bluetooth. The measured temperature is visible online.

Super insulated tank containers are available in following volumes: 21,000 liter (for foodstuff), 24,000 liter, 25,000 liter (UN T11).


  • Less thermal loss
  • Less energy consumption
  • Keeping on product temperature
With cladding
With insulation

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