Spill Trough: For a clean environment anywhere

Our mobile spill troughs provide protection when storing and decanting products, and offer clear cost benefits compared with permanently installed safety facilities. The stainless steel spill troughs are between 20 ft and 45 ft long and can be used for all types of tank containers.

Benefits our spill trough

Our mobile spill trough is excellent for leaking containers in an emergency, for temporary storage, as an extension of storage capacity during production and revision and as a mobile parking area for damaged containers.

All spill troughs are tested and meet all requirements.

  • Approved in accordance with Federal Water Act (WHG)
  • Fulfils all construction requirements
  • Meets all requirements for avoiding ground and rainwater pollution
  • German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) approval

Custom-made designs possible

  • Lining for protection against aggresive products
  • Cover for protection against rain and weather
  • Grillage cover
  • Custom sizes
Plan coverage

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