Double wall tankcontainer: the perfect solution for transport and storage

Our new tank containers have a double-walled construction. With its special sensor technology, the cavity can be optimally monitored. Thanks to the already integrated standbins, the tank container can be used as a storage tank.

spawbody tankcontainer
20 ft ISO tankcontainer
control box

Take advantage of the double wall tankcontainer

  • Double wall coating provides a permanent monitoring of leakage
  • High stability against aggressive products
  • Flexibility for transports
  • Optimally suitable as a storage tank because of the integrated supporting legs
  • Self-financing alternative to a tankcontainer with a spill trough
  • Tank container is insertable intermodal, economic and worldwide
  • The tank can be delivered in various tank size

Bücocontrol coating system

  • Exists of a resisting glass fiber and double-walled laminate coating, based on vinyl or polyester resin
  • Double wall will be generated through a three-dimensional fabric
  • The hollow is controlled by a sensor system
  • List of products for the resistance available
  • Product will be verified through TWS and producer before commitment
  • Approval according to Water Management Act for water endangering solids
  • Monitoring of leakage through sensor system
  • Guarantee of safety
  • Thermic isolating
  • High life period
  • Unlimited repair is possible
  • Simple integration
  • Modification is possible
  • Stability of diffusion

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